Saturday, December 13, 2008

J's Hip-Hop recital was today

Jonathan takes a Hip-Hop dance class at the Boys and Girls club. They are a great organization around here. The studio they have is just for the arts and do their recitals twice a year.

Last year Jonathan went to Huntington Academy of Dance in HB and it was waaaaaaaay to serious of a dance center for such a silly kid. Plus a lot of the moms there were like stage moms and kinda freaked Dave and I out. We heard a lot of "when I was in dance" and "if you can't take it seriously then don't take it at all" and it was not a whole lot about just enjoying the classes and being a kid.

So in the recital Jonathan's class danced to the song Forever and they did a great job! In the middle of the routine everyone got a free dance moment and had to choose what they were going to do. Jonathan started break-dancing and he was front and center so he got some major attention. He was great! I am bias but he really was pretty good.



Rena said...

Wow! Look how big J has gotten! The recital sounds like it was a blast. Give Jonathan a hug from all of us. We miss you guys!

Sharon said...

Jonathan is so tall! He will probably tower over me in about 3 years. We miss you all too. Hugs to everyone from us too.

i'm kelly said...

that looks awesome. he looks like he is having a great time!