Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

So what are you thinking about tonight as 2008 comes to a close? Is it your family, the economy or maybe about who else you can find on Facebook that you haven't spoken to in 20 or so years? :) All of these things are on my mind. About the Facebook thing...for some reason, more so lately, really long somewhat forgotten friends have managed to either find me or I found them because of a mutual friend. Crazy world we live in now where you can connect so easily and have the choice to do so.

For instance, there was this guy I dated for about 10 minutes, OK it was a few weeks and 10 minutes I think way back when I was 18? At the time while I was living on my own and held a couple of jobs he was the most grown-up person I knew. He worked at Northrop and had a real job and he was so young. He seemed kinda mysterious at the time but now that I think about it, maybe he was taking that angle to not bore me. LOL! Just kidding George. Anyway because of the wonderful world of modern technology we were able to catch up and guess what, he's still the most grown-up person I know. lol!
I've noticed so many different trends in 2008. Tweeter, blogging is becoming more and more of a trend both for people that want to tell a story, their story, just stuff or the biggest trend...blogging for money. So many give-a-ways (I won a cupcake decorator thingy) and people advertising other peoples stuff and getting paid for it.

So the economy is also an issue that concerns me. For many reasons of course but one also being the fact that I started Hey, That's Gourmet! in this horrible financial time. So let's just hope that people want to wallow in chocolate. :) Just kidding. Chocolate makes people happy and I know this first hand from being such a chocolate fanatic.
Dave and I are looking forward to January 19th. We will be in San Francisco for a food show where we will be tasting our way through a giant convention center. We attend this once a year now and I have to tell you that tasting aside, it's just fun. We are there for business but we are like little kids going from booth to booth taking in an learning about all sorts of new food trends. It's so much fun! We named the business very carefully so we can add more than just confections. But this year we are on a mission for a new line of caramels since everyone is making a salt caramel and we need some sugar-free and vegan chocolate as well as some real unique milk chocolates. Let me know what you like!
So now totally unrelated to this post - check out this picture I took of our menorah this year! Cool huh?

Happy New Year!

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