Saturday, June 28, 2008

Angel Flop Cake

Well I guess I will only be making the chocolate chip pound cake for the fair this year. The angel food cake is just not working out. While it's always my favorite cake, the weather is not permitting me to make it. Such a delicate cake need air conditioning and not a house that gets 10 degrees hotter then the temperature outside.

I made the pound cake 3 times already and I have to admit, this is probably the best cake I have EVER baked. The glaze is awesome. It's a rich espresso glaze and it compliments the chocolate so well. I think I have a "fair" chance for 1st this year.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

And now it's Summer

Holy Smokes it's HOT outside! This past week Jonathan graduated from Kindy and we sat outside in 100 degree heat. Dave was burning pretty bad. I don't burn like that so I was o.k. Just really uncomfortable.
Anyway, summer is here and it's time to "chill" a little. All of Jonathan's activities are finished until September. All he has noware his swim lessons on the weekends. School starts for him on August 11th so he needs to enjoy his summer while he can.
It's also O.C. Fair time and you know what that means...CAKE COMPETITION! Whoo Hoo! The last 2 years I entered I made cakes that were kinda fruity angel food cakes. The 1st year was a cranberry-orange angel food and last year huckleberry. Did I come in 1st place? No! All because of chocolate. I was beat by chocolate cakes both years. So this year it's chocolate time. And, I am entering 2 cakes instead of just one. I Am entering a chocolate-raspberry angel food cake. I LOVE the combination of chocolate and raspberries. I am also entering a chocolate chip pound cake with espresso glaze. Oh My Goodness! I made the pound cake last night and brought it to a barbecue we went to today. It was a hit. It really is a great cake. I'd say good enough for best of show! :-)
Anyway, stay cool no matter where you are. If your in Australia, stay warm. :) I have dinner on the stove so I have to go. I'll post my recipes here on my blog if they place at the fair in July.