Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hey folks, they're just meatballs! But they are soooo good for your next potluck.

There we were. The day was a sunny Sunday and the boys were getting out of the pool from their swim time.  They were hurrying to the bathrooms to get changed into their uniforms for the Boy Scout troop's Court of Honor.

Inside the main dining hall were cakes, cookies, salads of many kinds, probably about 4 different and wonderful homemade mac and cheese dishes and the dish I brought, barbecue meatballs.

As the boys lined up table by table, people were starting to fill their plates. Each plate had meatballs. They were the first to go. They always are! And because of that, I don't have a picture of this dish.

What's so great about this dish is how easy and cost effective it is. It's literally my potluck goto dish.

2 ingredients, 1 slow cooker

1 bag of frozen Italian meatballs. (I buy mine at Costco)

3 bottles of a GOOD QUALITY barbeque sauce (I love Bone Suckin Sauce but this time I used Lucielle's which I bought from Costco for $8 for 2 giant bottles. I only needed to use 1 bottle)

Put both in your slow cooker EARLY. 4 hours before the event. Set to high then turn to low or warm at the event.

This is such a great dish. I hope I just made your next potluck a little easier.