Friday, September 5, 2008

Time for the chickendance!

Yes it may be time for that fun lovin festival Octoberfest at Old World Village down the street but that's not what I'm writing about here. My chickendance is for the roasted chicken I made for dinner tonight. (My sister is about to roll her eyes as I get to the details)

You may think it's just a roasted chicken, so what. But it wasn't. It was a 5 pound roaster that cooked in an hour and 20 minutes. That is so great for a mom that comes home on a work day at 6:00pm. If I were to make this in the oven it would take 30-40 minutes more time. That is precious time, dontcha know.

The other day a very large and heavy box arrived with a note that said, Love Dad. It was my NuWave oven. My dad has had one for a while now and loves it. I am a believer!

The first thing I cooked in this thing was a rather inexpensive london broil. With my dad's advice I didn't use salt or pepper to season. Instead I bought some Lawry's meat tenderizer without MSG and sprinkled some on the steak. In about 25 minutes I had an amazing dinner to serve my very hungry family. Added steamed frozen veggies from the micro of course.

For Jonathan it's tourture. He loves steak and watching it cook was not only entertaining but had to give him a lesson with patients.

As mentioned, tonight was the 5 pound roasted chicken. Seasoned with some lemon and garlic, salt and paprika I put my new centerpiece of the kitchen to work.

My mother lives with us and she is very weird about her chicken. She really doesn't like what the crockpot does to it. So we either buy a roasted chicken on the way home from work at a market or we have to make it at home. Well I have to tell you that at 99 cents a pound for twice the chicken, I would always rather roast it myself. Plus I have control of seasonings my family likes and no added oils when I make it at home.

So I seasoned the chicken and placed it in the NuWave oven. Set the timer to 40 minutes. When the timer went off I had to turn the chicken over. That's right...I had to turn the chicken over. I have to say that this is not easy and I need to figure out an clever way to do this. Once I I flipped it I set the timer to another 40 minutes. By this time Jonathan was saying "oh mommy it looks so good!" And it really did.

When the 5 pound chicken was ready it was only 80 minutes later. I MADE ROAST CHICKEN ON A WEEK NIGHT! Really it was perfect! Perfect, golden and juicy.

So what's on the menu tomorrow? Chicken tacos probably because there is so much leftover and did I mention it was SO GOOD!?!

Thanks again daddy!