Thursday, August 21, 2008

A working mom stuck between a rock and a hard place

Last Thursday Jonathan had to stay home from school because he was sick. So of course I have to take a day off of work. I took him to the doctor and she said just give him Motrin and he will be better by Sunday. So I did. And he wasn't. I had Friday off so technically I had to take 1 day off of work. Monday came and J is still ill. I took him to another doctor who took a chest x-ray and sure enough the 1st doctor should have prescribed him antibiotics because he has an infection in his chest. One step away from pneumonia. So here I am on Thursday and I am still not at work and Jonathan is still not at school. I tried, I really did. I brought him to school this morning and as soon as we hit the parking lot he threw-up. I was frightened. I knew my bosses were not going to be happy with me taking yet another day. I was right.

9:00am: My cell rings, it's my boss. She said, this is not good you can't be off this much.

So what is a mother supposed to do? Even if I had a sitter they won't watch a sick kid. Who wants to get sick from watching someone else's sick kid? And Dave can't call into work or he'll really get in trouble. My mom can't watch him for more than an hour at the most.

I run into this problem at least 2 or 3 times a year. How is a full-time working mom supposed to be a stealer employee and a perfect mom?

I honestly don't think the world will ever know.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A book you moms & dads need to checkout in January!!!

So a huge congrats to my friend Rena Jones who is now a published children's book author. Her book comes out January 2009. It's called A New Job for Dilly.

Rena says "it's about a little rat who loves sour pickles. He's tired of having to steal them, so he decides to look for a job from A to Z. It's an alphabet picture book for kids ages 4-8 years." How cute is that!

So here is her very own Author page, again so cool! Check it out when you get the chance.

Congrats Rena!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Say Mac and Cheeeeeeeeeese and this that and the other

Just out of the oven is the Stouffers Mac and Cheese. While it's cooling the salmon is in the oven and the green beans in the micro. I am on this blog blabbing while dinner is practically cooking itself and my kid is behind me in the living room watching the Upside Down show. Yes, I do have to get up a half a million times to check on things and it takes about an hour to complete a post. lol!

Do you do this? I work in an office all day so when I get home I have to compact my time into a multi-tasking mish mosh. Thank goodness I have my husband to help me when I get lost in front of my aging monitor. But then before I know it, it's 8:30pm and nothing is actually done except perhaps we are finally eating. Time is precious and there really is not enough of it.

Grey hair. I am 39 and I seem to be seeing a lot of these lately. Maybe I need to slow down? Maybe I need to not stress so much over time. Maybe I just need to dye my hair more and stay in denial that the grey is even there. It surprises me every time though. I think it's because I remember my teens and 20's like it was yesterday. While I am happy to be more mature and wiser, I don't see myself as aging. Well, at least not until I look in the mirror. lol! I do seem to babble on more now then I used to. LOL!

Ok, I am done blabbing now.