Friday, January 2, 2009

Want portion control for the New Year...Check this out!

I get emails from which is one of my favorite window shopping sites. I would love to buy so much from there but my money gets allocated elsewhere for other silly things such as food, rent, know, the boring stuff. lol!

So I received my daily email from them about a cake pan that has happy birthday molded into it. I thought it was cool so I went and looked at it at the website and then while I was there I found cool silicone mats that help control portions. I know that not everyone needs it and I suppose if you did and you still wanted to cheat you could pile the food in the little squares. But then that's no fun.

Anyway, this product has two factors I like a lot.

1) They are a great idea and better than measuring a portion to your palm.
2) They have a cute factor to them and I love cute!

I love They are definitely a site for functional cute stuff. They even sell plant pots that are The cutest Self Watering Plant Pot Ever ( I didn't make that up) and paint tube door stops!

(this is not an ad I am getting paid to write. I simply love this site!)

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Rena said...

Cool little mats!