Friday, January 30, 2009

Sweet goodness I've been busy!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, time just passes by way to fast. I've been very busy and with that, too tired to blog. Not to mention that by the time it's 10 or 11 pm and I've been at work all day on a computer and then at home either on the PC or laptop working on my own business, the last thing I want to do is type some more! :) But today I have found a moment so let me catch you up.

Dave is still working part-time hours at AAA so things are still pretty tight. We are making the best of it and eat a whole lot less pizza. Although we have discovered Haus of Pizza in Costa Mesa which makes a really good pie and is not hard on the wallet.

We also went to San Francisco for the day...yes the day for a food trade show. The Fancy Food Show to be exact. We woke up at 4 am, dropped J at nana's house by 5:30, drove to LAX and we were on a plane by 7am. We didn't get to see SF, we literally got to the convention center and then at 5 went back to the airport to get on an 8pm flight back to LAX.

Anyway we did get some great things from the show that will be up on the Hey, That's Gourmet! website. Such as handmade gourmet caramels from Montana. We are selling 4 oz bags with adorable satin ribbon on them. These caramels are so freakin good! One pack we have we chose to put Chipolte (the heat and sweet are so amazing), Celtic Sea Salt, Soft Butter Caramel and Pomegranate. The other pack has Maple, Chewy, Chocolate Celtic Sea Salt and Espresso. I'm telling you, these are the most delicious caramels I have ever had. They are all natural with no artificial anything and no preservatives.

We also added some chocolate covered caramel pops that have cute packaging and yes, they taste really great too. They are from a company called Route 29. We are now carrying some novelty items from them such as a tin just for Valentines Day with Milk and Dark Chocolate X's and O's, you know like hugs and kisses. So sweet and yummy! Also some chocolate covered marshmallows for Easter.

New Browniepops too! We added Toffee and Walnut. YUM-O. Browniepops were featured on Rachael Ray 2 weeks ago and we found out at the show the Hey, That's Gourmet! is the only retailer to sell all flavors. How cool is that! The pops have awesome packaging now as they come in their own little boxes.

So we've been working hard to get them up on as well as our site. There are a lot of photos to take and edit as well as the work it takes to actually put in the descriptions and such. We did receive our 1st amazon order last week. WHOO HOO! It was for 5 of the canisters of the Green Tea Dark Chocolate which is still our best seller. We hope to see many more come in soon.

So on to another subject. Did you know that February is national Pancake month? I just learned this. FiberOne has a new pancake mix that is so good! Just a random thought.

Well have a great and SUPER weekend! We don't watch football in our home so it's not such a big deal to us but I know it is to others. So have a great one and stay safe and sane.


Rena said...

Mmmmmmm! I had to get up and get some ice cream just reading this!

Darn you.

Sharon said...

hee hee...sorry!