Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Great week for Jonathan at camp!

This past week was the 1st of 6 weeks for Jonathan at Camp Silver Gan Israel. He had a GREAT time!
The very first day was a little rough as they placed him in the 1st grade bunk due to his age. He will be 6 in October so they assumed he was going in to 1st grade. When they asked Jonathan what grade he was entering he of course said Kindergarten. He ended up getting switched into the Kindy room and it's working out well.

On Monday they went to SCATS. A real gymnastics facility where the kids tumbled and jumped. On Tuesday they went bowling. Jonathan has never been to a bowling alley and he said this was the best activity of the week. The alley put bumpers up for the little ones so they could have fun. And on Thursday they has a blast at Boomers. Every Tuesday and Thursday are set activities.
Every day they go swimming and Jonathan said that he made a new swimming buddy. They are in the very shallow pool so they can play and have fun. He is not currently getting lessons.

They also of course do arts and crafts, music and science. All of the activities work in some sort of Jewish something or other to keep it very spiritual. Every Friday morning the kids get to bake Challah to bring home for Shabbat.

He had a great time and even better times are coming up. A friend from his religious school starts in his class on July 9th. And that friend just happens to also LOVE The Wiggles! WHOO-HOO!

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