Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Easter Beagle?

So this morning Jonathan woke up and ran to the front door of the house to find a basket that was left by...The Easter Beagle. Yes, you read that right, the Easter Beagle.

Yesterday Jonathan asked if the Easter bunny was going to give him a basket full of candy and toys. In true Rosen fashion, I turned things around and said Easter Bunny? Why the Easter Bunny? We're Jewish so the Easter bunny will not be visiting us, WE GET THE EASTER BEAGLE! I went on to explain how if you're really good and you listen to your parents, the Easter Beagle will leave a small basket full of goodies outside the front door while you sleep. Also, the Easter Beagle only will leave a basket for the youngest and the oldest in the home.

Which brings me back to the beginning of this post. Jonathan ran to the door at about 7 am and found a small basket with a bit of candy and yes, a stuffed Snoopy. My mom received a little basket with some sugar-free candies.


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