Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Kryptonite

Jonathan looks to me as some sort of Super Hero for the most part. I kiss his boo-boos,resolve his problems, feed him, reward him and so on. But I found out that even me who Jonathan considers to be the most super of all super moms has a weakness, a kryptonite. Plastic packaging is my krptonite.

Nothing makes me feel more weak then the packaging that toys, electronics and pretty much everything comes in. Jonathan asks me, Mommy can you open my toy so I can play with it in the car? So there I am with my keys trying to make some sort of tear without cutting myself. Sometimes I just have to say No J, I can't and he just has to deal with it until I can get to the scissors. Scissors by the way doesn't always cut the packages either. But eventually the Kryptonite is depleted and I get to the prize and win and then again I feel Super.

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