Monday, February 16, 2009

Holidays for a working mom is like getting to play SAHM

I love and cherish holidays. I get to spend a whole day with Jonathan and just make the most of it.

Today it was raining so going to the park was not in the plans. Instead we started our day by catching up on Disney episodes that we haven't seen yet but had recorded. Then Jonathan worked on some crafty projects such as the "button" of himself he drew for me to wear today. I love it! It reminds me of Flat Stanley.

Once we picked up Dave from work at 2:30 we headed over to Metro Pointe in Costa Mesa and went to Colour Me Mine. It was so crowded when we walked in. There was a birthday party taking up most of the table space. By the way, what a great idea for a party! So we were told to come back in 30 minutes.

We headed over to Cozi. A fairly new restaurant in Metro Pointe. It's surprisingly affordable. I say that because it really doesn't have the atmosphere of a place that is so affordable. When you walk in the menu is on the wall and the concept is the same as a Pei Wei. The whole upscale fast food thing going on. So you figure out what you want then go to the register and order. They bring the food to you and they clear the tables. Dave had a meat pizza that is cooked in a wood fire stove. Jonathan and I split a smores for two. We already ate lunch at home. There was a couple sitting close to use that had some great looking sandwiches. One of which I think was the Chicken Tandori sandwich. It looked great! The smores were really a great idea for killing time with J. I knew what to expect too because a while ago I went to visit my sister in D.C. There was this place I think called X's and O's. They had the same smores treat on the menu. When it came to the table Jonathan's eyes lit up as big as the fire! He placed his marshmallow on the skewer and carefully toasted it. It was a little dangerous actually. The fire got pretty high and Jonathan kept lighting his mallow up! But it was fun. Dave's pizza looked good too. It had sausage, pepperoni and real bacon on it.

Once we finished at Cozi we headed back over to Colour Me Mine. We picked out what we wanted to paint and selected our colors.
Jonathan chose a megaphone. He's a HSM fanatic and even painted the letters HSM on it. (By the way...HSM 3 comes out tomorrow on DVD. Perhaps the added scenes will include the actual prom scene so we can figure out why the character Ryan is wearing a kilt in his "doll" form) I painted a mug.
I needed a pink mug and I was in a retro 50's mood for some reason. So I painted it pink with black dots and then wrote Mama Sharon Says... on it. Cool! Now I have an official mug to drink my coffee or tea out of while blogging. Dave didn't paint. He just played bubble breaker on his phone.

I had a great time and now we're home. Jonathan is still busy though. He's designing the gift bag for his friend Dylan's gift. We prefer this as opposed to buying a bag. It's more personal and less expensive too! Dylan's 7th birthday is tomorrow at Bears, Buddies and Toys in Huntington Beach. We are so happy to be going there because it looks so fun in the commercials. The kids get to dress up and play. They get to use their imagination and I love that!
Well time to figure out what to make for dinner. I don't know why I wait to the last minute to figure these things out. It's not like having to make dinner is ever a surprise! So off I go.
One last mention...the new ice cream cupcakes at Cold Stone Creamery are SO GOOD! We bought them this past week for my mom's birthday. YUM! Starting from the top...

Whipped Cream
Ice Cream
Chocolate Cup

The chocolate cup it was all in was the only disappointing part. It was very chalky.

For more about amazing cupcakes check out one of my favorite blogs Cupcakes Take The Cake if you love cupcakes as much as I do!


Rena said...

Wow -- sounds like a fun day! I love how your mug turned out too. How big is that thing?

Sharon said...

Thanks Rena. Actually the mug is not that big. It's an average sized coffee cup. I think the angle of the picture is making it look so big.