Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mama Sharon's Helpful So Cal tips for a fun 4th

Happy 4th of July!

*When showing up to a picnic late, don't eat the cole slaw that's been sitting out for 2 hours.

*If you are planning to go to Downtown Huntington Beach, make new plans unless you enjoy spending your holiday with 150 thousand people.

*If you are going to bar-b-que, be sure your propane tank is full BEFORE you start cooking.

*Don't get angry that the people on your street are still lighting fireworks at 2am. It's nothing new, you should expect it by now!

*If you decide to go see fireworks at the last minute and realize you drove around too long and missed all of them, don't worry, go the next night to Downtown Disney or park outside of Knotts. They have fireworks every night of the summer.

*Want more tender chicken before you grill? Soak it in buttermilk overnight.

*Please be safe and don't drink and drive!

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